It’s not bad, really  😎  Just means there is only so much that can be done each day.  So much has happened in the last 6 months it’s flown by but progress has been made.  It would seem Commander 1.0.9, Violet Exchange and ATLAS Hive will all be ready at the same time!  I did not plan it this way, fluke.
I’ve stripped back some features in Violet Exchange for stability, I’ll add more bot commands post release.  Commander will be lacking some maps but that will change post release too, I got some help.

ATLAS Server Control (ASC) was created out of necessity, my own Atlas cluster desperately needed a method to take care of the servers.  Like most things, I went overboard and threw the kitchen sink in.  This is not your average game server, there are a few 3rd party components required to get it all working and larger maps that require many physical servers.  Launching, monitoring, updating and detecting crashes is ok for 1 machine, but what about 20?
I’ve developed a way to link ASC clients to a master client, so the cluster can be managed from one place as a whole (even from home).   Preliminary code is working great, it needs error handling and some handshake functions on the socket (connection establishment stuffs) oh, and encryption duh.

Note:  While you are able to see what the remote servers are doing, start/stop/update and syncing them with ASC is a premium feature for Patreon.  Programming requires copious amounts of chocolate, coffee and oxygen – for as little as $1 I get to eat chocolate and you get to become a super admin.
If you want to share your lunch with me, smash that Patreon banner on the front page (just below the #1 Aussie Host).

Hey wait, what about Glider???  huh?
Yes, umm well since I slapped together a better map control for Commander that lets me get my vector on, I realized Glider would benefit greatly with this control.  Soooo, once I’ve released Commander, I’ll revisit Glider and with a bit of luck, not get VAC banned again.

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