Hello good people of the interwebs, I hope you are safe and well.

There have been some whispers I’ve given up on my projects, not so!  I’ve been waiting in the wings for significant changes to be made on the games I support, not to mention keeping 1.5meters away from my keyboard because, well, it’s a keyboard.  Who knows what nasties lie within.  (enough crumbs to coat a schnitzel)

As with a lot of peeps across the planet, Covid has thrown a fat spanner into the mix.  Working from home comes with many challenges I was not expecting, one of those being “motivation”, it’s a big ask when your working flat out on software for your employer to slip away and work on side projects, code fatigue is as real as Covid and my penchant for fast food.  Bless High Metabolism, this skinny fella will blow out soon.

Waffle waffle so what’s happening?   ok

Commander 1.1.2 with Crystal Isles mapping, Hive updates and fine tuning (yeah, put the color numbers back on the Painter dammit!)  Violet Exchange is currently 48 Patreon subs overdue, I’m terrible but working on it believe me.  I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here, Ark-API already does a stellar job so I will focus on getting map data into Commander first and foremost.

Atlas Server Manager – HOOOOJ update coming, I’m talkin’ new Server Grid Editor, all the islands, a metric ton of additional server settings and my love generously slathered all over the setup wizard, he doesn’t mind.  (oof)

As I’ve said in the past, SparcMX is here for the long haul.  I’m already 4 years in and I’m still waking up in the morning, awesome!

Pandemic Apocalypse