It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog, many things have changed in my life and for the better.  I’ll start off by saying the support I’ve received for this project has been nothing short of amazing, the team of volunteers that formed around me, assisting in all aspects of community management, software support, gameplay tips and ideas (deep breath)  I cannot thank you enough, without your support Commander would be a skeleton of what it is today!  Another round?

Violet Exchange is now being tested for the final time before I release it to Patreon.  Violet will provide the mapping data to Commander clients who possess the server key, it will allow them to visualize all objects on a map.  A nice zoomable map with no limit on what you can display, foundations, players, dinos and all the stats associated to each.  In addition, you can manage your server with discord bot commands, my favorite is the “Report Crashlog Kill PID” command, admins will come to appreciate this feature.

Glider is sitting on the shelf at the moment, there is too much going on with Commander and Violet for me to allocate any time to it.  Its possible the new mapping control will be transplanted into Glider, hopefully making the manual keyframing less clunky.

We’ll speak again real soon,

  • Sparc
Commander project continues..