Time for a little update that’s long overdue, it’s been super busy in my household of late.  So much so my wife has stepped in to assist with inquiries (Thank you Tiania!), Commander has proven to be quite popular and I intend on continuing it’s development well into the future.
The current state of version 1.0.7 is 95% complete!  I’ve had some teething issues with the new mapping system but this is now under control, just needs some UX lovin’.
Glider will receive more programming hours soon, as I begin to wrap up Commander for beta testing.  Some things have been removed which may upset some, but rest assured it will return better than ever.  Much talk about Dark & Light also, we’ve been watching the scene closely and may consider covering more games but 1.0.7 will still be strictly Ark only.

Patreon!  yes! I have a Patreon creators page to help with the costs of hosting the Commander backend and the upcoming Hive Library (in 1.0.7).  I also co-found an Ark PVE community on Discord and have dedicated servers that we play on.  Commander support is also available on our Discord, pop in and say Hai!


Progress and progress